[FGS] Map server with Chameleon

Guillaume Dallaire gdallaire at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Sep 26 21:50:27 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 08:01 +0800, Melvin, Greg wrote:
> I installed the Mapserver/Chameleon package downloaded from Maptools.org on a linux box. Fedora Core 4 is the linux version.
> Ran the demo as per the instructions and a map of Canada dutifully appeared. Turned off Linux box later and came back the next night. When I started up and tried to reach the maps of Canada again the browser said it could not connect.  I assumed that httpd was not starting but attempts to start it have been futile.
> How does one start it? Or is this unlikely to be the problem.
> The install is exactly as per the installer defaults with the address being localhost Port 8080.

Hi Greg,


$ cd where_you_installed_FGS
$ . setenv.sh
$ fgs start

If you want to start your FGS at boot time, you could add this line at
the end of your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file:

(replace _fgs_user_ by the login name that runs fgs)

su _fgs_user_ -c "( cd _where_is_FGS_ ; . /setenv.sh ; fgs start )"


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