[FGS] "Elshayal Smart GIS shape files Editor" Looking for a Serious Evaluation http://www.smartwebonline.com/

elshayal at smartwebonline.com elshayal at smartwebonline.com
Mon Jun 19 20:17:39 EDT 2006

Dear Sirs,

I have updated my GIS Editor Elshayal Smart 
http://www.smartwebonline.com/ and finished my new version 1.17, and I 
will be very happy if you evaluate this new version 1.17 .

Current Features :-
View and Edit shape files, build new layer, add existing layer, remove 
layers, swap layers, save layer, set layer data source, layer 
properties, zoom in & zoom out, pan, identify, selecting features, 
invert selection, show data table, data query builder, location query 
builder, build network, find shortest path, print map, save map image, 
copy map image to clipboard, save project map, edit move vertex, edit 
move features, snap vertexes, set vertex XY, move settings, converting 
coordinate system, applying VB script, copy selected features to 
another layer, move selected features to another layer, delete selected 
features, edit data table, modify table structure, edit map features, 
drawing new features, GPS, 3D, etc...

Expected Features :-
Viewing raster image and image georefrencing.

You can download it from :  http://www.smartwebonline.com/ or Direct 
Download :-

Notes :- if you have got problems with the above url links, kindly copy 
them as text to your browser url AddressBar.

Thank you and best personal regards Awaiting for your reply Mohamed 
Elshayal http://www.smartwebonline.com/

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