[FGS] Uninstalling an FGS package

Alan Hale alan.hale at btclick.com
Sat Dec 1 09:25:07 EST 2007

OK,  libfontconfig seems now to be OK, but httpd is now missing 
libexpat.so.0 - even though it's certainly there in /fgs/lib/.

Any suggestions?


Alan Hale


Alan Hale wrote:
> Normand
> I installed from fontconfig-devel-2.2.3-13 (I needed to first of all 
> install two dependent files - zlib and freetype). I then had 
> libfontconfig.so  in /usr/lib/. I made a symbolic link 
> libfontconfig.so.1 in the same directory, but when I try to install 
> fgs-msx it still cannot find this.
> I am still very much a novice on Fedora (or Linux generally) so please 
> forgive me if I am missing something obvious here.
> Incidentally, is it safe to run two FGS installations on the same main 
> server?
> Many thanks
> Alan
> Normand Savard wrote:
>> Alan,
>> In fact you don't have to do a symbolic link.  You only need to 
>> install fontconfig-devel-2.2.3-13 or something like this on your 
>> system and be sure that libfontconfig.so.1 is in /usr/lib.  Please 
>> confirm that everything works where you're done.
>> Norm
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