[FGS] FGS and Linux 2.6 kernel

Eric Shuman erics at ameri-title.com
Wed Jan 3 13:33:56 EST 2007

Hi List,  


I need some help figuring out an anomaly. 


I have been using FGS on a Debian Sarge system with the 2.4 kernel.
Everything works great.   I need more drive space to hold images so I am
setting up a system with some SATA drives.  To get this system working I
need to use the 2.6 kernel for SATA support.  Upon completing the setup
which is identical in everyway, except for the base kernel install,
everything appears to work fine. But while testing I ran into a snag.  


It seems the httpd hangs or has some issue when requesting a map that
contains an image.  At first the map will generate fairly quickly, but on
the second or third attempt to generate the same map with the same image the
webserver starts to time out after its max 30 seconds execution time.
Using "top" I have watched the httpd as I make requests and it seems that
each instance starts to use up 11-12 Megs of memory and during the request
the cpu goes to 100%.  This does not happen on the server using the 2.4


Is there an incompatibility with one of the packages used in the FGS install
and the 2.6 kernel?  Any ideas on what the problem might be (Apache, PHP,

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!




Here is my version info:

* FGS API version : 0.2

*       NAME            VERSION

*       apache-base                     1.3.34

*       curl-lib                        7.15.0

*       expat-base                      1.95.8

*       freetype-lib                    2.1.9

*       gdal-base                       1.3.2

*       gd-lib                  2.0.33

*       geos-lib                        2.2.2

*       jpeg-lib                        6b

*       libgeotiff-lib                  1.2.2

*       libiconv-base                   1.9.1

*       libpng-lib                      1.2.8

*       libungif-base                   4.1.3

*       mapserver-base                  4.10.0

*       mapserver-php                   4.10.0

*       netcdf-lib                      3.5.1

*       openssl-lib                     0.9.8b

*       pdflib_lite-base                        5.0.4p1

*       php-base                        4.4.2

*       php_pdf-module                  4.3.11

*       php_pgsql-module                        4.4.2

*       postgis-lib                     1.0.6

*       postgresql-lib                  8.0.7

*       postgresql-server                       8.0.7

*       proj4_epsg42xxx-support                 1.0.0

*       proj-lib                        4.4.8

*       tiff-lib                        3.7.2

*       unixODBC-base                   2.2.10

*       xerces_c-base                   2_6_0

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