[FGS] GDAL, ECW Plugin...

shawn barnes sbarnes at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Jul 3 12:42:49 EDT 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks (well mostly Daniel),
> I have prepared a preliminary gdal_ecw package that builds the ecw driver
> as a plugin instead of linking it directly into GDAL.  I have added this in
> CVS though it depends on at least one change in GDAL - building
> --without-libtool.  Does anyone know of a problem with doing this?
> Also, can anyone explain what this patch in fgs-dev/pkg_def/gdal/fgs_build
> is supposed to do?
> ## GDAL 1.2.5 : small fix to avoid compile error
> #if [ "$SRC_VERSION" = '1.2.5' -o  "$SRC_VERSION" = '1.2.6' ] ; then
>     echo "* Applying special patch for version 1.2.5 and +"
>     TMP_FILE=`mktemp /tmp/FGS-gdal-XXXXXX`
>     sed -e "s|with GDAL]))|with GDAL]),-L\$with_geotiff/lib)|g"
> configure.in > $TMP_FILE
>     mv $TMP_FILE configure.in
>     rm -f configure
>     autoconf --force
> #fi

I commented this out in the fgs-dev that i've been messing around with,
i wasn't sure what is was doing and i think i was having problems
getting gdal to build properly with it.

> I'm not very comfortable with it rerunning autoconf, so I'd like to
> uncomment the if, restricting it to the 1.2.x versions of gdal.  This
> bit of script highlights what I don't especially like about FGS.
> Agressive use of Bash shell scripting that makes stuff somewhat
> opaque (to me).
> I also ran into problems with the gdal package picking up extra stuff
> on my local system.  So I'd like to add:
>  --without-curl
>  --without-geos
>  --without-python
> and, perhaps optionally,
>  --without-ecw
>  --without-pg
> I am starting to wonder if GDAL ought to internally default to not
> including anything except what is specifically requested.  This same
> sort of thing is a big hassle with mapguide/fdo builds, where a gdal
> build on my system will often fail because it tries to pick up addons
> in /usr/local/lib that FDO can't find later.  In the meantime, the
> workaround is aggressive use of --without clauses.

I've had the same problem with the packages finding dependencies outside
of the fgs-dev environment.  what i ended up doing was using a virtual
machine for fgs-dev and minimizing what's on the system

> Best regards,

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