[FGS] Success!

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jul 4 13:59:54 EDT 2007


OK, I have successfully build updated FGS installers and modules on
the download.osgeo.org system.  I have also incorporated the gdal_ecw-module
and gdal_python-module for an ECW plugin, and GDAL python support.

The modules directory is:


A GDAL focused installer is available as:

A self installer with mapserver, python mapscript and I presume all the usual
php stuff is available as:


I have the self-installers defaulting to install libstdc++ as I found
the FC4'ish dependency was not present on my Ubuntu system I use for

Almost all my changes are checked into CVS.  I'd appreciate those who
make the "standard distribution FGS" stuff doing a test build to ensure
I haven't seriously broken anything.

Feedback welcome.

Best regards,
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