[FGS] Problem installing mysql module

Alan Hale alan.hale at btclick.com
Mon Nov 19 12:27:47 EST 2007

Can someone please help? I have FGS-mapserver with Chameleon installed 
and want mysql support. I am trying

..fgs#  fgs install fgs-php_mysql-module-4.4.2-linux-i386.tar.gz 

but get

* Probing last version of module 

! Cannot find a fgs-php_mysql-module-4.4.2-linux-i386.tar.gz module from 

There is some confusion on the modules download site since the 
description of the file ends in "tar.gz". but if you download the file 
using the Download button, it ends "tar.tar". However, neither is found 
with fgs install.

I did wget to download the file to the fgs directory and tried to 
install from there, but that does not work either.

Many thanks

Alan Hale

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