[FGS] Problem installing mysql module

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Nov 19 13:17:00 EST 2007


Perhaps try:

  fgs install php_mysql-module:4.4.2 

The documentation may not be clear on that, but fgs install does not 
accept the archive name as argument, it uses the syntax above with 


Alan Hale wrote:
> Can someone please help? I have FGS-mapserver with Chameleon installed 
> and want mysql support. I am trying
> ..fgs#  fgs install fgs-php_mysql-module-4.4.2-linux-i386.tar.gz 
> http://dl.maptools.org/dl/fgs/modules/current
> but get
> * Probing last version of module 
> 'fgs-php_mysql-module-4.4.2-linux-i386.tar.gz'...
> ! Cannot find a fgs-php_mysql-module-4.4.2-linux-i386.tar.gz module from 
> http://dl.maptools.org/dl/fgs/modules/current
> There is some confusion on the modules download site since the 
> description of the file ends in "tar.gz". but if you download the file 
> using the Download button, it ends "tar.tar". However, neither is found 
> with fgs install.
> I did wget to download the file to the fgs directory and tried to 
> install from there, but that does not work either.
> Many thanks
> Alan Hale
> Aberystwyth
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Daniel Morissette

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