[FGS] fgs build GDAL with mysql

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Tue Apr 8 14:59:11 EDT 2008

sbarnes wrote:
> Normand,
> I was just running a fgs build and i had the same error.  I decided to 
> try a newer mysql and i was able to build it without error.  Although 
> changing the version of mysql required that i edit and 
> pkg_def/_misc/get_mysql_devel.sh.  I also had to edit 
> pkg_def/php/fgs_build and pkg_def/gdal/fgs_build and hardcode the path 
> to the new mysql binaries (not sure why but, i don't have time right 
> now to figure out where the fgs_build script is getting the wrong 
> $mysql_ARCHIVE_DIR).
> here's my configure;
> configured by ./configure, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.61,
>   with options \"'--prefix=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/gdal' 
> '--with-pymoddir=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/gdal/pymod' 
> '--with-jpeg=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/jpeg' 
> '--with-libtiff=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/tiff' 
> '--with-geotiff=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/libgeotiff' 
> '--with-png=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/libpng' 
> '--with-pg=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/postgresql/bin/pg_config' 
> '--with-odbc=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/unixODBC' 
> '--with-xerces=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/xerces_c' 
> '--with-curl=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/curl/bin/curl-config' 
> '--without-geos' '--without-python' '--without-libtool' 
> '--with-mysql=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/mysql-5.0.51a-linux-i686-glibc23/bin/mysql_config'\" 

Thank you.  I'll wait a little bit to see if Frank has an idea and if 
not I'll do what you do.  I'll have to recompile PHP and others though.

By the way the mysql variable is set when the 
$FGS_PKGS_DEF_HOME/_misc/get_mysql_devel.sh is execute but the fgs_build 
script of GDAL the script is called after the OPTIONS is set.  It is why 
the $mysql_ARCHIVE_DIR variable is not set.


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