[FGS] fgs build GDAL with mysql

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Apr 8 15:26:23 EDT 2008

Normand Savard wrote:
> sbarnes wrote:
>> Normand,
>> I was just running a fgs build and i had the same error.  I decided to 
>> try a newer mysql and i was able to build it without error.  Although 
>> changing the version of mysql required that i edit and 
>> pkg_def/_misc/get_mysql_devel.sh.  I also had to edit 
>> pkg_def/php/fgs_build and pkg_def/gdal/fgs_build and hardcode the path 
>> to the new mysql binaries (not sure why but, i don't have time right 
>> now to figure out where the fgs_build script is getting the wrong 
>> $mysql_ARCHIVE_DIR).
>> here's my configure;
>> configured by ./configure, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.61,
>>   with options \"'--prefix=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/gdal' 
>> '--with-pymoddir=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/gdal/pymod' 
>> '--with-jpeg=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/jpeg' 
>> '--with-libtiff=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/tiff' 
>> '--with-geotiff=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/libgeotiff' 
>> '--with-png=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/libpng' 
>> '--with-pg=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/postgresql/bin/pg_config' 
>> '--with-odbc=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/unixODBC' 
>> '--with-xerces=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/xerces_c' 
>> '--with-curl=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/curl/bin/curl-config' 
>> '--without-geos' '--without-python' '--without-libtool' 
>> '--with-mysql=/home/sbarnes/fgs-dev/built/mysql-5.0.51a-linux-i686-glibc23/bin/mysql_config'\" 
> Shawn,
> Thank you.  I'll wait a little bit to see if Frank has an idea and if 
> not I'll do what you do.  I'll have to recompile PHP and others though.
> By the way the mysql variable is set when the 
> $FGS_PKGS_DEF_HOME/_misc/get_mysql_devel.sh is execute but the fgs_build 
> script of GDAL the script is called after the OPTIONS is set.  It is why 
> the $mysql_ARCHIVE_DIR variable is not set.


The type of problem you see is *normally* due to some include file #defining
some common name, and screwing up prototypes of other system files.  I don't
have any advice how to fix it, other than Shawn's.  I do vaguely recall
running into this myself once in the past, but I don't recall any specific
solution.  So just upgrade mysql as suggested.

Best regards,
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