[FGS] Curl --with-ca-bundle

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Tue Apr 15 17:53:23 EDT 2008


I tried to install Curl in FGS with the SSL option. However Curl use a 
file that contains valid SSL certificate provider. If I didn't miss 
anything, the location of this file is either define in the code of the 
application (i.e. in MapServer) or with ./configure --with-ca-bundle=FILE


With FGS, we really don't know where the $FGS_HOME will be at compile 
time so the file is never at the right location. Any idea how to solve this?

Using a relative path is seeking the trouble I think since I don't know 
we will be relative to where. The best would be to be able to tell it 
$FGS_HOME/something, but I don't think it's possible.


PS: Here's the content of the file ca-bundle.h
(I used:
./configure --with-ca-bundle=/lib/test/testfile.ca)
/* This file is generated automatically */
#define CURL_CA_BUNDLE "/lib/test/testfile.ca"
#undef CURL_CA_PATH /* unknown default path */

Julien-Samuel Lacroix

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