[FGS] oci8 & fgs-mapserver_4.10.3-fgs_1.0.0-linux-i386.bin

Daniel Muñoz Castro danmuc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 10:54:19 EDT 2008


I am trying to connect to a Oracle server whit the package
"fgs-mapserver_4.10.3-fgs_1.0.0-linux-i386.bin", but it is impossible,
because it was not compiled whit this function, I have read an email that
talks about it

"Yes you need to build a PHP module for OCI8 support. FGSDEV has this
option (an OCI8 module has been asked before). We cannot distribute
because there is licensing issue.

I can build this module for you, what version of PHP do you use ?"


In the final lines, Gillaume propose he can build this module, I appreciated
this help to much. In other way, if any body can send to me the sources, I
will try to do it.


* mapserver 4.10.3
* php 5.2.5
* oracle 10g


Daniel Muñoz Castro
Ingeniero Catastral y Geodesta
Cel. 313 4336931
Casa. 4085485
Oficina. 7470001 Ext. 1141
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