[FGS] [Fwd: FGS build with TileCache, mod_python]

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Thu Sep 11 11:16:09 EDT 2008

Scott Soenen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in an FGS package that includes tilecache and mod_python. I see 
> that while these two items are not included in the FGS Base Package, they are in 
> FGS-DEV. I've pulled the fgsdev trunk and tried to build a custom package as 
> suggested on the maptools site, however, I encounter a number of errors during 
> the build. I've read on the list that there is/was supposed to be a vm for 
> building custom packages, but cant find it.
> I'm wondering:
> 1) Is there a 1.0.0 i386 .bin release out there that includes tilecache and 
> mod_python?
> or
> 2) Is there a way I can easily build this from fgsdev?
I saw that it was Shawn Barn that produced these packages, maybe he can 
send them to me to put them on the download page.   Is it possible Shawn?


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