[FGS] Installing on shared server

ossi ossi ossi69 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 14:42:06 EST 2009

>   Ossi,
>> Did you try to install fgs as a normal user?  Did you install it in your
>> home?  What are the permissions?
>> Norm
>> Line 27:
>> ./fgs_installer.sh $TMP_DIR mapserver-php python_mapscript-module
>> gdal_ecw-module postgis-lib chameleon-base php_ogr-module
> Hi Norm.

Thanks for taking time for asking.

I did install modules under /home/ossi/fgs/suite, Which created lots of
folders below there. Ie www folder.

When I try www.mydomain.com:8080/ it does not see it.

I don't have access for main apache config file or any of the prt forwad
thingys, since its shared host.

Permissions for folders are 755 rwx rw rw.

Permissions for bin file when trying to execute that using sh command were
644 rw r r I also tried it using 777 and 755 rwx rwx rwx they did not work

Should I try to install under my www root?

It is so confusing, for having bin files, and then module install files.

I don't think I have any other options to install it as a normal user, since
I am on shared host.

I installed this few years back on my windows server, and it was fine, but
now I have remote shared host, and unfamiliar with linux boxes..

They say it has centos 4.

Only access to server I have is ftp and shell access.

Can I install this without Apache and use of different ports? (My host does
not allow use of ports)


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