[FGS] new to MapServer

Michael Savarese geomajor56 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 13:02:00 EST 2009

I'm new to MapServer and Linux and  I'm trying to get the basic "hello
world" example  from  the Apress book "Beginning MapServer" and things
aren't going well. I've installed FGS 9.5 on Ubuntu 9. I guess I need to
know what configuration files are needed and where they go, something like a
checklist. I have apache up and running and when I run the the url
http://localhost/hello.html Firefox returns "Firefox can't establish a
connection to the server at localhost."

to the point: is there a more up to date how to for FGS MapServer. Any help
or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've now realized attempting Linux
and MapServer at the same time is foolish but ......

thanks in advance

Mike S
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