[FGS] MrSID Support

Kris R. DeLaney botany at strato.net
Tue Jun 16 10:06:40 EST 2009


I do not intend to use 32bit software or hardware to run GIS mapping or 
image processing functions.  This type of processing is too demanding for 
that.  However, after so much correspondence, I would like to see the 
end-to-end proceedure for doing so.  It may help solve some future problems. 
The command-by-command sequence for implementing MrSID/JP2MrSID support 
uisng FGS would be useful to have.  I hope Wendell/Normad provide it.

Kris DeLaney

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> Wendell Dingus wrote:
>> I believe we're OK now. We fired up a 32-bit VM and copied all the /opt/* 
>> stuff to it and was able to build the module cleanly. Seems fine once we 
>> copied back to the 64-bit box as well...
>> [root at gis fgs-9.5]# gdalinfo --formats | grep SID
>> MrSID (ro): Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID)
>> JP2MrSID (ro): MrSID JPEG2000
> Wendell,
> I'm happy to hear that.  I think it could be good for all of us to know
> all the process you follow to make FGS works on Centos.  Is it possible
> for you to write a short email to describe that?
> Thanks.
> Norm
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