[FGS] Starting apache error: httpd cannot execute binary file

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Fri Nov 6 08:59:46 EST 2009


Thank you for taking the time to explain to me.  I'll thing of something 
to overcome the issue unless you have a suggestion...


Hao Zhang wrote:
> Hi Norm,
> Sorry for my late feedback. The day before yesterday, I finally built 
> FGS self-installer from source successfully (with name 
> "fgs-mapserver_basic_5.2.1-1.0.1-linux-sparc64.bin"). Thank you very 
> much for your help all the time.
> However, I don't think the last error "Conflicting version ..." has 
> anything to do with other module/lib uses another version of curl 
> somewhere. The outcome of running "fgsdev dump_modules_for_dep 
> curl-lib mapserver-php" is:
> Actual version of the target dependency:  curl-lib:7.19.4
> gdal-base curl-lib:7.19.4
> mapserver-php curl-lib:7.19.4
> The cause of the error is that in the list of modules I provide in 
> command "build_si" contain several modules that depend on the same 
> module, e.g. "apache_mod_ssl-module" "gdal-base" both depend on 
> curl-lib. If I give them three in an order such as "fgsdev 
> list_modules_dep apache_mod_ssl-module curl-lib gdal-base", it will 
> reproduce the same error. I found out this is related to the behavior 
> of function 'get_dep' in script fgs-dev/bin/lib/list_module_dep.sh. In 
> this function, it will loop call itself in order to get all depended 
> modules for the given module as well as all its required modules in 
> required.list. This behavior will in some case cause line "if [ "`grep 
> ^$dep_name: $LIST_FILE`" != "$dep" ] ; then" return true and exit with 
> "! Conflicting version ...". After function 'get_dep' goes through 
> "apache_mod_ssl-module" and "curl-lib", there will be two duplicated 
> lines 'curl-lib:7.19.4' in the $LIST_FILE. Thus, when function 
> 'get_dep'  works on "gdal-base", line "if [ "`grep ^$dep_name: 
> $LIST_FILE`" != "$dep" ] ; then" returns true and exit. However, the 
> order of module list also matters, e.g. "fgsdev list_modules_dep 
> curl-lib apache_mod_ssl-module gdal-base" will work well.
> So I changed list of modules I provide in command "build_si" to avoid 
> multiple dependances among them but cover all necessary modules for 
> installer. Then it successfully built the self-installer. Command I 
> run looks like:
> fgsdev build_si mapserver_basic_5.2.1 1.0.1 mapserver-base 
> mapserver-php apache_mod_ssl-module freetds-lib gdal_python-module 
> gettext-base libxslt-lib ming-lib postgis-lib postgresql-server 
> python_mapscript-module sablotron-base php_curl-module php_ftp-module 
> php_gettext-module php_mssql-module php_odbc-module php_ogr-module 
> php_pgsql-module php_wddx-module php_xmlrpc-module php_xsl-module

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