[FGS] Starting apache error: httpd cannot execute binary file

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Wed Nov 18 10:18:05 EST 2009


Answer inline.



Hao Zhang wrote:
> There is no php5 in my cgi-bin ($FGS_HOME/www/cgi-bin/). I checked 
> your FGS (1.0), there is no php5 in the cgi-bin as well. I compared 
> php5.conf files:
> [Your version - FGS 1.0]:
> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml
> LoadModule php5_module        libexec/libphp5.so
> DirectoryIndex index.php index.phtml
> PassEnv PHPRC
This indicates that PHP is compiled as a module.  This is the normal 
configuration of this package.  You could see this in the fgs_build of 
this package.

> [My version]:
> AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php .phtml
> Action application/x-httpd-php5 /cgi-bin/php5
> DirectoryIndex index.php index.phtml
> PassEnv PHPRC
PHP is compiled as a cgi.  Somehow it happens that the conf file 
"php.conf-php_as_cgi" is executed instead of "php.conf-php_as_module".
> However, I cannot find libphp5.so anyway in my $FGS_HOME (no 
> $FGS_HOME/www/libexec at all!). Do you think it is because php is 
> built or configured wrong?
Did you change something in your fgs_build?  You could check how php is 
compiled in your php/config.log and php/config.status.

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