[FGS] FGS Installation

Dylan Rawlins dylan at mapserver.co.za
Tue Jul 20 10:22:13 EST 2010


I get this far ...
    Go to your FGS installation root directory and do ". setenv.sh"
    Do "FGS start"
    Execute : createdb yourdb
    Execute : createlang plpgsql yourdb
    Execute : psql -f ..\share\contrib\lwpostgis.sql yourdb

and I get an error saying that it cannot locate the lwpostgis.sql file.
I searched my entire hard drive and can't find the file. I also looked
for any *.sql file that would relate to postgis and there is nothing. I
force installed a lower version of postgis (1.3.5) and the lwpostgis
file was there. But then it won't work with postgresql 8.4. So I force
installed 8.3 and then nothing worked - couldn't even get a connection
to the DB. So I have gone back to the original versions that I
downloaded and am stuck wiht the same problem.

Any ideas,
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