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Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Tue Jul 20 11:23:16 EST 2010


Is PostGIS installed in your FGS?

Go to your FGS installation root directory
$ ls etc/fgs/pkgs/

What is the output of that?

If you don't see postgis-lib in that, install it doing:
$ . setenv.sh
$ fgs install postgis-lib

Does that work?

Note that installing another postgresql on your server may cause problem 
because it will probably end up running on the same port as FGS's 
PostgreSQL. You can change FGS port in 


On 10-07-20 11:22 AM, Dylan Rawlins wrote:
> Hi,
> I get this far ...
> Go to your FGS installation root directory and do ". setenv.sh"
> Do "FGS start"
> Execute : createdb yourdb
> Execute : createlang plpgsql yourdb
> Execute : psql -f ..\share\contrib\lwpostgis.sql yourdb
> and I get an error saying that it cannot locate the lwpostgis.sql file.
> I searched my entire hard drive and can't find the file. I also looked
> for any *.sql file that would relate to postgis and there is nothing. I
> force installed a lower version of postgis (1.3.5) and the lwpostgis
> file was there. But then it won't work with postgresql 8.4. So I force
> installed 8.3 and then nothing worked - couldn't even get a connection
> to the DB. So I have gone back to the original versions that I
> downloaded and am stuck wiht the same problem.
> Any ideas,
> Thanks
> Dylan
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