[FGS] Installing FGS on 64-bit Unix (Centos 5.4)

Richard Cross richard.cross at rockshore.net
Fri May 7 05:07:51 EST 2010


I'm currently struggling to get FGS installed and running on Centos 5.4 64-bit.  The installer complains that it can't find files with "x86_64" and I understand why that is.  

I saw a posting somewhere that recommended running the installer on a 32-bit machine, tarring up the fgs directory and running on a 64-bit server, but that has simply led to seemingly endless problems with 'missing' libraries.  I started downloading the 32-bit versions for some, creating softlinks for others, but I feel this is the wrong path and may not lead to a stable system.

Have any of you managed this successfully, or should I really be abandoning FGS and compiling mapserver from source?

Richard Cross

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