[FWTools] Warping dissimilar image formats

Matthew Harmon matt at matthewharmon.com
Thu Aug 4 16:40:07 EDT 2005

Hi Frank, et. all.


I asked a similar question a bit ago, but I've got a few new wrinkles.


I'm writing a GUI-based tool that uses FWTools / GDAL to reproject multiple
source images into destination image tiles of a given format.
Unfortunately, the source image color formats may be different from the
destination format.  I also may have a many-to-one or one-to-many
relationship between source and destination images.  (Basically, I am
tileizing imagery from arbitrary input sources into 24bit RGB imagery for
ultimate compression into .dds files.)


If the source imagery matches the destination, the GDAL warp functions work
just great and life is good.  However, it seems that the warp kernel doesn't
do color space conversion (which is understandable).  Thus, I'm looking for


A)      Am I doing something wrong and the warp kernel should handle this?

B)      Should I just convert the entire source dataset prior to processing
and keep a copy of it on disk?  (may use lots of disk space)

C)      Should I warp the part of the source I need into an interim dataset,
convert to the destination color space, and then merge it into the
destination dataset?  (a few destination tiles should fit in RAM, so I guess
this is the best)


Any suggestions or hints from experience would be most helpful!


(Thanks again for all your hard work.)


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