[FWTools] warping of aster files

Pål Herman Sund phsund at broadpark.no
Sun Jan 23 09:30:41 EST 2005

I am looking for cabilities to warp, in batch, hundreds of tiff rasterfiles.
The files are old maps given in the old norwegian datum (NGO48).
Unfortenately the transform to WGS84 is not "homogenous", so the usual GIS
approach (for example as offered by ArcGIS or MicroStation GeoGraphic) with
a 7-parameter transform between the 2 systems is not accurate enough (20
meter level).

On the other hand :

1. I know the coordinates of the 4 image corners and can read them to ASCIII
2. I can compute these 4 corners with accurate transformation an present the
result in ASCII files
3. I would like to warp the images with a transform (Helmert) based on the 4

My questions would then be :-)

1. Is this possible ith FWTols "out-of the box" (he-he) ??
2. Could this be done by using the Python capabilities ??
3. Anyone who know software (preferrably open) which can do this 

Unfortenately I am not a programmer as I havent programmed for the last 10
years (except awk scripts...).

Helps and answers are highly appreciated..

best regars
from Sandefjord, Norway
Pål Herman Sund

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