[FWTools] FWTools 1.0.0a7 Problems on Linux

Rich Signell rsignell at usgs.gov
Wed Nov 16 17:13:55 EST 2005


I can't get the FWTools 1.0.0a7 bin_safe stuff to work on my Linux 
RHEL3 system either.

So I put LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$FWTOOLS_HOME/lib  in my 
.bashrc and then the regular bin stuff works fine -- go figure.


$/usr/local/FWTools-linux-1.0.0a7/bin/gdalwarp -t_srs "+proj=utm 
+zone=18" ad02.tif foo_utm.tif
:0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.

$/usr/local/FWTools-linux-1.0.0a7/bin_safe/gdalwarp -t_srs 
"+proj=utm +zone=18" ad02.tif foo_utm.tif
Usage: gdalwarp [--help-general] [--formats]
     [-s_srs srs_def] [-t_srs srs_def] [-order n] ] [-tps] [-et 
     [-te xmin ymin xmax ymax] [-tr xres yres] [-ts width height]
     [-wo "NAME=VALUE"] [-ot Byte/Int16/...] [-wt Byte/Int16]
     [-srcnodata "value [value...]"] [-dstnodata "value 
[value...]"] -dstalpha
     [-rn] [-rb] [-rc] [-rcs] [-wm memory_in_mb] [-multi] [-q]
     [-of format] [-co "NAME=VALUE"]* srcfile dstfile


Ed McNierney wrote:
> Frank et al. -
> 1. The download link for the 1.0.0a7 Linux build points to
> FWTools-linux-1.0.0a7.tar.tar, which should be ....tar.gz instead.
> 2. I can't get any of the standard GDAL utilities to work with
> plain-vanilla GeoTIFF files; I just get segmentation faults.  This
> happens with a variety of standard, ordinary GeoTIFFs from several
> sources, so I don't think it's the data.  If I omit arguments I'll get a
> usage message, but something as simple as:
> 	gdalinfo sample.tif
> doesn't work at all (segfaults).
> This is a new install on a pretty bare-bones machine that shouldn't have
> a lot of confusing library conflicts (and I'm running the bin_safe
> scripts anyway).  If someone could do a quick sanity check of the GDAL
> tools from the Linux distribution I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!
> 	- Ed
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