[FWTools] gdal_translate SDTS (.ddf) to tiff and/or jpeg?

Angus Forbes angus.forbes at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 13:29:31 EDT 2006

Hi, I'm trying to translate some DEM 75 files in SDTS format into a
browse image.

The files come in a tar file with 18 files that have the extension .ddf

The web page for gdal_translate indicates that it supports SDTS but I
can't figure out how to use get it to work.

For instance, I'm trying the largest one:

>> gdal_translate PEC0CEL0.DDF testoutput.tif

and getting

>> GDALOpen failed - 4
>>  'PEC0CEL0.DDF' not recognized as a supported dataset name

I've also tried to pass in the entire folder and to use the -sds
option, but to no avail.

I don't need to retain any georeferencing, I just need a preview image.

Any ideas (using gdal_translate or another tool)?


Angus Forbes
Map & Imagery Laboratory, UCSB
National Geospatial Digital Archive

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