[FWTools] OGR OLE DB driver

Bruce Rindahl rindahl at lrcwe.com
Sat Dec 2 13:40:01 EST 2006

I am having trouble locating the source files for this directory.  All the
download files appear to have only the executables and no source code.

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Bruce Rindahl wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed FWTools1.1.0 and it is working on
> I am interested in testing the OGR OLE DB driver as described in:
> http://ogr.maptools.org/
> I can't find how this driver is loaded separately.  Does this need to be
> registered in windows?  Which .dll is it?  I want to try this driver in
> ArcGIS to see if it can view spatial tables in PostGIS.


After looking around a bit, I see that the oledb provider is not (anymore?)
included in the FWTools releases.  It does not seem to build with VC7.1
I'm using for FWTools now.

I does still build with VC6.0.  This is accomplished by cd'ing into
gdal\ogr\sfcom_oledb and issuing the command:


This produces a SoftmapSF.DLL in the softmap directory.  It is registered
with the regsvr32 command.


  regsvr32.exe softmapsf.dll

I'm afraid the OGR OLEDB support has not been very actively maintained in
recent years.

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