[FWTools] Error in ogr.py

David Fawcett david.fawcett at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 13:36:26 EST 2006

I have a script that I wrote using the ogr and osr python modules.
Everything runs great when I run it, but I have a user in one of our other
offices who keeps getting an error message.  I can't replicate it using his
data on my install.

He is running version 1.0.7 (Windows), I suspected that it could be a
version thing, so I uninstalled mine and installed 1.0.7.

The script reads X and Y values from a .csv file and writes out a

Here is the error that he is getting:

D:\GIS Scripts>python csv2shp.py input=D:\convert\

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "csv2shp.py", line 8, in ?
import os, ogr, sys, datetime, osr

OverflowError: ('integer literal too large',

ogr.py', 257, None, 'wkb25Bit = -2147483648 # 0x80000000\n'))

My guess was that one of the coordinate values was too large, but when I try
to add several orders of magnitude or precision, I can't replicate the

I don't expect anyone to debug my script, I am just hoping that you can tell
me what cases might lead to this error.


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