[FWTools] ECW Conversion and TIF Tiling

Travis Kirstine tkirstine at jdbarnes.com
Tue Dec 19 08:51:17 EST 2006

The command you are looking for is:

>gdal_translate -of GTiff -projwin xmin ymax xmax ymin source.ecw output.tif

If you are a windows user you will run this command in the FW Tools Shell installed on your desktop.

As far as I know FWTools doesn't provide "out of the box" tools for batch tiling large files, you would have to write a batch file.  What I usually do when I need to subset a large image is to create a grid polygon shapefile and add fields and edit the attribute table to look like the basic command (and calculate the xmin/max ymin/max) then export the table to text file.  I then format the text file and save it as a .bat

If you know what you are doing you could probably write a script that would auto generate the x and y coordinates for you but that is beyond me.


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Hello List,

Newbie questions -
I'm looking for documentation on how to use FWTools to...
(1) convert an ECW raster to an indexed set of tiled TIFs?
(2) convert a 1.5Gb TIF with an external 'tfw' file to a set of tiled TIF's?
(3) crop the 1.5Gb TIF with external 'tfw' file and convert to  a GeoTIFF

Thank you for any assistance.

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