[FWTools] FWTools 1.1.2 Windows install

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Dec 28 18:16:41 EST 2006

John Craddock wrote:
> Hello,
> Just installed above-mentioned version. On start-up of OpenEV I get a
> Python.exe dialog stating:
> "The procedure entry point load_defaults could not be located in the
> dynamic link library LIBMYSQL.dll"; and it aborts. I installed the full
> archive including the dev files. Libmysql.dll is located in the bin
> directory and is 1040KB dated 02/17/2006. Any clues?


I haven't been able to reproduce this myself.  It is possible you have
mysql installed on your system, and there is a different version
of libmysql.dll in C:\windows\system32?  If so, perhaps that one is
getting used in preference to the one in the FWTools bin directory and
it lacks the required entry point.

Garr!  I wish I knew how to force my own versions of DLLs to always
be used in preference to stuff in C:\windows\system32.  For things
like libz, and libtiff I've deliberately built _fw.dll versions just
to avoid name collisions.  But I can't practically do that for everything.

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