[FWTools] missing _gdal.dll on Windows XP install

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Fri Feb 17 20:58:43 EST 2006


Adding the PATH to the bin folder seemed to resolve the immediate issue.

Another workaround a buddy suggested was if you already have a Python install
is dumping the libraries you need into its "/Lib/site-packages" folder.

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Quoting Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>:

> On 2/7/06, Brian Timoney <brian at thetimoneygroup.com> wrote:
>> All:
>> After multiple installs/re-installs I keep getting an error when referencing
>> ogr.py in the '/pymod' folder via a CGI script in Apache of " import _gdal\r
>> ImportError: DLL load failed:  The specified module could not be found".
>> Not having any better ideas, I attempted to regsvr32 the _gdal.dll 
>> (which I can
>> see in Windows Explorer) in my pymod folder manually and received an error
>> message that "The specified module could not be found."
> Brian,
> Do you have SetEnv calls in your Apache config setting
> all the required environment variables?   This would
> presumably include:
> o Adding FWTools<version>\bin and FWTools<version>\python
>    to the PATH.
> o Putting FWTools<version>\pymod in the PYTHONPATH.
> o You may find you also need to set GDAL_DATA, PROJ_LIB,
>     GEOTIFF_CSV, and GDAL_DRIVER_PATH as done in
>     FWTools<version>\bin\setfwenv.bat.
> Generally speaking, when I want to use FWTools MapServ.exe
> on windows, I put a .bat file in cgi-bin that runs setfw.env and
> then runs mapserv.exe.  I haven't actually tried using python
> cgi-bin's on Win32.
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