[FWTools] [OT] Problems converting DGN to SHP file

Luca Manganelli luca76 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 04:58:23 EST 2006

Hi, I am trying to convert DGN to SHP.
DGN is composed by ANNOTATION (text with coordinates AND viewing angle).
I can do this:

  ogr2ogr -nlt POINT -skipfailures -f "ESRI Shapefile"  dir S:\Luca\TXTV7.dgn

but the new shp does not have any information about angles:

#> ogrinfo -summary S:\Luca\TXTV7.dgn elements

INFO: Open of `S:\Luca\TXTV7.dgn'
using driver `DGN' successful.

Layer name: elements
Geometry: Unknown (any)
Feature Count: 59817
Extent: (1656335.478654, 5093641.729797) - (1669699.215614, 5113109.826557)
Layer SRS WKT:
Type: Integer (2.0)
Level: Integer (2.0)
GraphicGroup: Integer (4.0)
ColorIndex: Integer (3.0)
Weight: Integer (2.0)
Style: Integer (1.0)
EntityNum: Integer (0.0)
MSLink: Integer (0.0)
Text: String (0.0)

any idea?

"An algorithm must be seen to be believed."
   -- Donald Knuth, in "Fundamental Algorithms"

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