[FWTools] RE: [UMN_MAPSERVER-USERS] gdaltindex for tif files residing on multiple subdirectories in windows enviroment

Travis Kirstine GIS Tech tkirstine at jdbarnes.com
Fri Jan 20 09:17:20 EST 2006

As a side, does the unix build of FWTools work on cygwin?

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On 1/20/06, Jukka Sirviö <jukka.sirvio at arbonaut.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> Our customer have raster material stored in centralized place on their
> network. One of the material's that will be used among others in our
> project contains ~4.5 gb tif files residing on multiple subdirectories.
> How can I make only ONE shp indexfile for mapserver from this material
> without copying the whole dataset into one single folder?
> Does gdaltindex understand any wildcard options for subdirectories?
> gdaltindex drive:/??/*.tif


The wildcarding is not part of gdaltindex itself.  On Unix it is done
by the commandline shell, and could handle this.  On Windows, you
can optionally built the Microsoft wildcard handling into the program
(which I do for FWTools), but I see it can't handle wildcards of this
sophistication.  Only wildcards at the filename portion of the path.

You could download cygwin and invoke the normal windows
gdaltindex from that as Cygwin will expand command line arguments
for the program in the normal fashion.

gdaltindex n:/data/*/*.tif

Alternatively, you could invoke gdaltindex manually for each directory
as it will append to an existing index if invoked multiple times.

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