[FWTools] OpenEv crash with FWTools 1.0.0b3

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed May 3 14:03:52 EDT 2006

I downloaded FWTools 1.0.0b3 for Linux and installed on a FC2 system. I 
am able to launch OpenEv, but so far everytime I try to open a raster 
image I get a crash:

/opt/FWTools-1.0.0b3/bin/openev: line 25:  4693 Illegal instruction 
${OPENEV_HOME}/bin/python ${OPENEV_HOME}/pymod/openev.py "$@"

I tried opening 2 raster files: a ECW file, and a TIFF file. I am able 
to open the same TIFF file in a copy of OpenEv that I downloaded from 
the OpenEv site (openev-linux-180.tar.gz), but I cannot open the ECW 
file with that release, that's why I was trying FWTools.

Is this a known issue with the FWTools distribution? Is there an easy 
way to troubleshoot this problem? Note that the FWTools "gdalinfo" is 
able to report info on both raster files.

Daniel Morissette

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