[FWTools] Missing headers and stuff

Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Wed Sep 27 04:30:05 EDT 2006


FWTools is great!  Once I tried to compile all libraries myself, and it
takes enormous effort to get it done.  Simply unpacking your package
does the thing, making my life much easier.

I would like to re-use all libraries you have collected, for instance
link them with ImageMagick for image processing outside the standard
geo purposes.  That is not always possible, because some header files are
missing.  Which is a pity: now I have to download (the same versions!) of
the libraries myself, just to get those headers.  And some of the
library accompanying tools are useful as well.

FWTools does contain, for instance, the tiff* programs, headers and
manual pages (tiff2bw, tiffio.h, libtiff.3tiff) and quite a few other.
But FWTools lacks parts of
   - libjpeg (cjpeg, jpeglib.h)
   - libpng (libpng.h, libpng.3)
and so on.

Of course, the size of the FWTools package will increase considerably,
when extra binaries are included (although they are mainly small
wrappers around the dynamic libs) Adding the header-files comes cheap.
This is the only way to make your effort re-useable in a larger system.
It would be so nice to use the same library versions in all the programs.

If you worry about the package size, it might be possible to create
a small version (only core software) and an extended version (including
manuals, header-files, library scripts + bins of all) of FWTools...
I know this is at least a day of work. Sorry. :-(

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