[FWTools] gdal/ogr and python 2.5

Claudio A. Quezada R. claudio.quezada.r at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 14:00:44 EDT 2007

Hi, i´m now developing and open source application in python (2.5.1)
with GUI in Qt (and PyQt 4.3), and i´d like to add support to some
raster and vector files, so i know GDAL and OGR should work. The thing
is that i have download binary distributions of this tools
(http://download.osgeo.org/gdal/win32/) but it seems that they have
built against python 2.4, because it asks for python24.dll, wich i
don´t have (i´m on python 2.5).

So, there´s 2 troubles. First is where i can get GDAL/OGR for python
2.5 (it seems that the only file that is python24 dpending is
_gdal.pyd), and second, if there´s a version out there that no depends
on Numeric (also it is hard to find Numeric for python 2.5, because
that module has been replaced with numpy).

Let me say that i´m new on this list, so right now i´ll review the
entire mail archive for discussions about this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Claudio Quezada Romegialli
Ingeniero Ambiental
(02)7321665 - 81466049

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