[FWTools] Converting a black border to transparent in geotifs

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Wed Feb 14 13:55:20 EST 2007

Hi Simon,

> By comparison fwtools contains a whole bunch of useful tools, solid 
> installation and GDAL. It might even make sense to include it with 
> Enthon (www.enthought.com)?

I, for one and as an end-user, like the idea of being able to install 
python only once rather than having a separate installs for fwtools, 
arcgis, and a generic one for other python apps I use. From a quick 
perusal of Enthought's site it looks like I can use their distribution 
for the latter two, so thanks! However I don't think fwtools is a good 
match as so much of the bundled applications actually aren't python (dir 

That's not to say that the python portions couldn't be included in 
Enthought; I really don't know as I'm not a programmer. It just wouldn't 
be a complete "fwtools" set. I'd still love to see a partial inclusion. 
Perhaps put a feature request in the Enthought tracker and see what 
happens? If the reception is warm, a note to the gdal-dev mailing list 
might elicit some helpers.



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