[FWTools] Converting a black border to transparent in geotifs

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Wed Feb 14 19:17:47 EST 2007

Hey Simon,

I've not tried to use gdal with 2.4 at all. It is a fairly frequent 
question so I'm sure a gdal or fwtools with 2.4 would be well recieved. 
Someone needs to step forward to do the work though. The main developers 
appear to have other interests closer to their hearts so I don't see it 
coming in the near future without a champion volunteer (or some funding 
I suppose).

> I also like the idea of everything and the kitchen sink installations 
> but wonder if Enthought will release sufficiently regularly to be 
> useful. 

There is a ticket for a 2.5 release due Feb 21st

fwtools has a frequent release cycle, sometimes more than once a month. 
There would likely need to be a different mechanism than an .exe 
installer to keep the two in synch (assuming one wants to stay current 
with gdal more than enthought).

> At the moment there is only the 1 Enthon release from before the 
> scipy conference and I could not find a subversion version. 


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