[FWTools] NADCON error

Newman, Michael MNewman at TRCSOLUTIONS.com
Tue Jan 9 11:17:40 EST 2007

Regarding my NADCON error:


Upon further investigation, I found out it wasn't a version dependent


The cs2cs program will work properly when used in the FWTools Shell
because the PROJ_LIB environment variable gets properly set.


When not in the Fwtools shell:

I was getting issues from qgis version 0.8:


C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS\proj_lib


But the fwtools shell properly sets it to:

C:\Program Files\FWTools1.1.3>echo %PROJ_LIB%


The program then handles the NAD83 to NAD27 conversion (described below)


I manually set the PROJ_LIB variable correctly so when I use it outside
the fwtools shell it works correctly. User beware, some other programs
(like VTBuilder from the Virtual Terrain Project) also use the PROJ_LIB
environment variable.


Frank, it would be helpful if the FW environmental variables used a
unique prefix like "FW_" if possible.





From: Newman, Michael 
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 5:38 PM
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Subject: [FWTools] NADCON error


I found that the latest version of fwtools (FWTools113.exe) is not
converting between NAD83 and NAD27 properly (NADCON algorithm).


Here's what the latest version does (incorrect):


C:\Documents and Settings\mnewman>cs2cs

Rel. 4.5.0, 22 Oct 2006

usage: cs2cs [ -eEfIlrstvwW [args] ] [ +opts[=arg] ]

                   [+to [+opts[=arg] [ files ]


C:\Documents and Settings\mnewman>cs2cs +proj=utm +zone=18 +datum=NAD83
+to +pro

j=utm +zone=18 +datum=NAD27

658567.53 4563801.39

658541.92       4563578.46 -0.00



An older version (FWTools1.0.0) I have on another computer does it


C:\Documents and Settings\MNewman>cs2cs

Rel. 4.5.0, 19 Apr 2006

usage: cs2cs [ -eEfIlrstvwW [args] ] [ +opts[=arg] ]

                   [+to [+opts[=arg] [ files ]


C:\Documents and Settings\MNewman>cs2cs +proj=utm +zone=18 +datum=NAD83
+to +pro

j=utm +zone=18 +datum=NAD27

658567.53 4563801.39

658534.59       4563577.59 -0.00



Is there possibly something I did wrong?

Note I have the respective "bin" directories in my PATH environment



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