[FWTools] OpenEV - gnuplot needs Cygwin lib?

Paul Mallas pmallas at rsmas.miami.edu
Fri Nov 30 09:23:45 EST 2007


Thanks to you and Frank for the replies. 

The path for FWTools precedes the path for cygwin  on my system too.  So 
that is not the issue.  I went ahead and uninstalled the cygwin gnuplot 
and the problem goes away. So there does seem to be some issue with 
OpenEV running the cygwin version of gnuplot instead of the  FWTools 

Matt Wilkie wrote:
>> I have cygwin on my system, but openev should not depend on this, 
>> should it?
> Hi Paul, for what it's worth: I also have cygiwn and fwtools 2.0.1 
> installed. Cygwin's bin directory is in %PATH% at the same time as 
> fwtools, however fwools precedes cygwin\bin. I've no error messages 
> starting openenv. However I don't have cygwin gnuplot installed either.
> good luck,

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