[FWTools] Gdal_translate "Too many command options"

Wolfgang Zillig wollez at gmx.net
Thu Oct 11 14:12:14 EDT 2007

Brotzman, Karl D. schrieb:
> I’m a new user! I’m sure I’m doing something odd, but I sure don’t see it.
> I feed the following command string to my FWTools Shell on a PC 
> running XP
> */gdal_translate –ot Float32 –of Gtiff –co “COMPRESS=LZ77” –a_srs 
> “WGS84” bathy.asc bathy.tif/*
> It tells me “Too many command options.” Shows me Usage, and the format 
> drivers. I’ve tried eliminating commands and options one at a time, 
> and in different orders. For example, I eliminate the –co 
> “COMPRESS=LZ77”. I get results when I’ve paired down my command string 
> to just
> */gdal_translate bathy.asc bathy.tif/*
> */ /*
http://www.gdal.org/frmt_gtiff.html shows me that it is for LZW 
compressen COMPRESS=LZW


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