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Thank You for the tip, it helped a lot. But i have one question what about SVG format. is it possible to be done through this tool, and what is the syntax for it.

Thank You
Maab M Mustafa

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Dear Mustafa,

Good Day,
I have recently installed the FWTools windows version and i am very

excited to learn more on how to use this service. I need to learn about
the format conversion. I tried to follow the example shown in the
documentation provided with the software, but i got nowhere. Can anyone

help me or point to me a detailed information on how to use this
service. And is there any pre-requisited softwares to be installed prior
to using this service.
There should be no pre-requisited software to use FWTools. In order to make  format conversion, you should use  FWTools shell (you should have the icon on your desktop) and use command line tools.

For Images, you can use gdal_translate (see http://www.gdal.org/gdal_translate.html for options) and file formats are described on 
For vectors, you can use ogr2ogr (see http://www.gdal.org/ogr/ogr2ogr.html for options) and file formats are described on 

Have a nice time using these tools ...

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