[Fwd: [FWTools] Data Conversion]

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 12 09:36:42 EDT 2007

maab Bahjat wrote:
> Sorry, Is it possible with the FWtool translate from an xml file to gml? 
> if not, do anybody know about any tool that performs this?


There is no generic XML driver in OGR.

>  Another thing under the FWtool, it is possible to convert to gml under 
> the org2org utility, what about raster data?

Yes, ogr2ogr supports writing GML 2 datasets.

There is no significant support for GML as a wrapper or container for
raster data.  The only vaguely related item is that the JPEG2000 drivers
can write a GML coverage description box in jpeg2000 files per the
OGC GML-JP2 specification.

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