[FWTools] Warning 1: Lost metadata writing to GeoTIFF ....

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Sep 27 11:48:23 EDT 2007

On 9/27/07, Lee Keel <lee.keel at uai.com> wrote:
> Hello List.
> I am trying to tile a MrSid file and during the gdal_translate call, I am
> getting a warning "Input file size is 42600, 42053 Warning 1: Lost metadata
> writing to GeoTIFF  ...  too large to fit in tag.".  After that, the tiff
> file is created and does seem to be ok, but I just wanted to run this by the
> group and make sure no one has seen any problems with this.
> My exact command line is:
> gdal_translate -of GTiff -a_srs EPSG:2236 --config GDAL_CACHEMAX 999
> --config GDAL_FORCE_CACHING YES -co "TILED=YES"  file.sid  file_0.tif
> -srcwin 0 31554 1775 1752


GDAL dumps generic metadata into a tag in TIFF files but it
seems (at least the way GDAL does it) that tag lengths are
limited to 32k or something like that.  If you run gdalinfo
on your .sid you will likely see a lot of metadata, including
perhaps a list of all files that were used to build the .sid.  This
stuff is too long and ispresumably being discarded.

However, it is generally not very valuable, and should
not impede use of your output file.

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