[FWTools] RE: Using GDAL to process embedded JPEG2000 images within a NITF file

Debbie Smulevitz DSmulevitz at terragotech.com
Tue Apr 29 11:44:34 EDT 2008

I solved my problem by building ECW support into GDAL and now I can
process (read) embedded JPEG2000 images within a NITF file. In order to
build the Windows version of libecwj2.lib using Visual Studio 2005, I
had to download and install the Microsoft Platform SDK (I selected this
component from the Windows(r) Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK Web Install,
found at
EA3-A93E-40C0EC4F68E5&displaylang=en). This was needed for http support
within the ECW library codebase. Once I was able to successfully build
libecwj2.lib, I was able to rebuild GDAL with this library and now
JPEG2000 processing (reading) works fine.

- Debbie

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Subject: Using GDAL to process embedded JPEG2000 images within a NITF


I recently downloaded the GDAL1.5 source code and built my own DLL (on
the Windows platform), adding support for OGDI and MrSID by obtaining
the necessary libraries and modifying the NMAKE.OPT file (uncommenting
some lines) - I also converted the necessary projects over to Visual
Studio 2005 (8.0). I was successful in this and got GDAL to process the
files I needed. 

Now for the problem I'm having. Using another dataset, I was trying to
process embedded JPEG2000 images within a NITF file and received the
following errors:

ERROR 4: 'J2K_SUBFILE:3884,542714864,D:\xxxxxx.NTF' does not exist in
the file system,
and is not recognised as a supported dataset name.

ERROR 1: Unable to open JPEG2000 image within NITF file.
Is the JP2KAK driver available?

So I tried to add support for embedded JPEG2000 images within a NITF
file by following the same type of procedure. First I tried to build in
support for JASPER, thinking that this would be the "free" way to get
JPEG2000 support (JP2KAK costs too much). I was able to build this
support in, but I still get the same error messages from GDAL as shown
above. Then I tried building in support for ECW, thinking it could
possibly be used to uncompress the JPEG2000. However, I can't get the
ECW component to build - mainly because of compatibility problems with
its source code and the version of Visual Studio I'm using (8 vs. 7.1).
My question is: if I can get libecwj2.lib to build (or ncsecw.dll,
ncsutil.dll and ncsnet.dll), will this help solve my problem (of getting
GDAL to convert the embedded JPEG2000 images within NITF)?

Please let me know if this is the right path to go down and, if it is,
can you provide any help in getting ECW to build in my environment?

In search of another solution, I tried the following... I used the
FWTOOLS version of GDAL and was able to successfully process the
embedded JPEG2000 images within NITF, although I 'm not sure
specifically which driver(s) it used to do the processing. As a possible
solution to my problem, I wanted to know if I could use these DLLs and
freely distribute them. If so, is there anything in addition to what's
in your LICENSE.TXT file that I would need to display to an end user?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

Debbie Smulevitz
Terrago Technologies, Inc.
dsmulevitz at terragotech.com

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