[FWTools] RE: Using Python bindings with latest version of FWTOOLS - And Clip Vector Data

Vince Ulfig vulfig at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 14 05:34:54 EDT 2008

> Hi Frank,
> I recently started using the GDAL / OGR utilities from FWTools and love
> them.  
Thank you.

> I installed the python bindings for GDAL from this page:
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/GDAL
> I found that I had to install gdalwin32-1.5 in addition to FWTools and add
> C:\gdalwin32-1.5\bin to the path variable,
> in order to get the python bindings to work.
> I ran some code that attempts to import ogr
> and use some of the objects,
> and found that I could not import ogr
> until I added the path described above.
> I then found that the only files in 
> C:\gdalwin32-1.5\bin 
> that were not included in
> c:\program files\fwtools2.1.0\bin
> were gdal15.dll and geos_c_fw.dll.
> When I copied these files to
> c:\program files\fwtools2.1.0\bin
> and removed C:\gdalwin32-1.5\bin 
> from the path variable, I could still import ogr.
> Is this a reasonable method for using the python bindings for gdal?
> Is it better to install both FWTOOLS and gdalwin32-1.5?
> When I had both in the path,
> I put gdalwin32-1.5/bin in the path in front of FWTOOLS.
> Does this make sense?
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