[FWTools] gdalwarp projection issue

Adam Yesaitis adamy at wtgroupllc.com
Thu Aug 28 13:00:58 EDT 2008


I am having an issue with the gdalwarp utility within FWtools 2.2.6.  

My syntax is as follows

gdalwarp -tr 1.3 1.3 --config gdal_cachemax 1024 -srcnodata 0 -co compress=ccittfax4 -t_srs "ESRI::NAD 1983 StatePlane New Jersey FIPS 2900 (feet).prj" input.tif output.tif        

I continue to get the following error

ERROR1: Translating source or target SRS failed:
ESRI::NAD 1983 StatePlane New Jersey FIPS 2900 (Feet).prj

Just wondering if anyone could help.

thank you,

Adam Yesaitis
Western Technologies Group
Tel: 908-725-1143
Fax: 908-725-1488
E-mail: adamy at wtgroupllc.com
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