[FWTools] OpenEV_FW Create Options

Tillerson, Clint CRTILLERSON at mactec.com
Tue Jul 1 11:11:48 EDT 2008

Hello - I'm trying to use the GDAL GUI Export Tool to convert a stripped
GeoTIFF to a tiled GeoTIFF.  I can specify the "TILED=YES" option, but I
would also like to define the tile width and length using the BLOCKXSIZE
and BLOCKYSIZE options.  When I string these options together only the
TILED option is recognized and only if I put that option first.

What is the format for specifying multiple options on the Create Options
text entry line on the Advanced Options form?  space delimited? comma
delimited?  I've tried both and cannot find any documentation for this
tool other than a 1-pager that list the options and valid values.


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