[FWTools] OpenEV, GeoTIFF, Project

Damien Dunlop djd at cmad.com.au
Thu Jul 3 00:04:00 EDT 2008

Just installed the Windows version of OpenEV.

a) I want to create a geo-referenced version of an image file
in the format of a GeoTIFF file.

I could not find any documentation on how that is done - indeed,
the File menu does not have a `Save' or `Save As' functions. 

So I built a World File, opened an image file, then `Exported'
the image, using the same basename as the World File but with 
a tif extension. This produced a dialogue box with GTIF on it,
so I exported. A tif file with standard tags was created but 
it did not contain any scale or coordinate tags.

b) Where can one find documentation on the item `Project'
contained in the File menu?


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