[FWTools] VB entry point for OGROpen...

Gerry James gerryjames at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 14 15:34:45 EDT 2008

I am trying to develop an application using ASP.NET that will upload a MapInfo TAB file, retrieve the spatial extents, and commit this info to a Postgres database.  I am somewhat new to using the Win32 dll so you will have to excuse my ignorance.  I am trying to declare a number of OGR functions that will let me accomplish this but cannot find the entry point name (Alias) for the functions I need.  The functions I need are OGROpen, OGRGetLayer and OGRGetExtents.  Does anyone know what the Alias’ would  be for these or where I can find some documentation for this.  I have looked at the VB6 class modules that come with 2.1 but I am still stumped.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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