[FWTools] writing JPEG2000 formats

Kurt Menke kurt at birdseyeviewgis.com
Mon Jul 21 13:17:31 EDT 2008


I'd like to re-project a MrSID image but keep the output small.  I realize I
can't write another MrSID due to LIzardTech's licensing.  However, I should
be able to write a JPG2000 image with the SDK.  I've downloaded the latest
SDK from lizard tech and the install notes state that, "No specific
installation is required to use the GeoExpress SDK beyond copying the SDK
contents to your local machine."  However, when I try to use gdal_translate
to convert a MrSID to JP2MrSID or JP2ECW I get -  0ERROR 6:
GDALDriver::Create() . no create method implemented for this format.


I'd really appreciate any tips you can pass on to me on this.

I'm running FWTOOLS 2.2.1 on Windows XP Pro.




Kurt Menke, GISP

Bird's Eye View 

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